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PTO Meeting Minutes – September 11, 2007

PRESENT:  Jackie Hassell, Matt and Libbi Moore, Serena Robinson, Joleen Nagareda, Tara Weinberg, Christine Compeau, Jennifer Ferreira, Jennifer Bagshaw, Melissa Cropper, Amanda Ray, Jeff Mann, Eva Skuratowicz, Dee Fretwell, Rodrigo and Eileen Martin, Linda Read, Ona Williams, Kim Bruhn, Sandie Jensen, and Michael Palacios. 

Intro new/returning officers: Jackie Hassell, Libbi & Matt Moore

Tara Weinberg, Christine Compeau, Jennifer Ferreira & Joleen Nagareda 

Joleen encourages everyone to visit our website and subscribe. Jim Teece donates our website.  We need to try to get email addresses of all parents and use the website for our primary communications. 

Amanda Ray volunteered to take over the vacant Secretary position. 

Volunteer Coordinator positions also filled by Linda Read & Dee Fretwell. 

Reminder of 10/2 carnival planning meeting – We need 190 volunteers to pull this event off.  It will be the final Bellview Carnival in the existing building, which will be celebrated. 

Announcement that $250 each was gifted to Teachers’ accounts for the school year.  This includes 13 classroom teachers, ERC, Reading Specialist, Computer Lab, Art Room Child development Specialist and the Library. 

Theater Production – Renee Stich was not present. There was a lengthy discussion about financial support for this event from PTO.  Production title not confirmed.  All present voted and approved that PTO would finance purchase of the scripts for the production.  Further support is undecided as we need more information. 

Scrip – Christine shared information about this community fundraising program.  It is EASY money for the school; we need to take advantage of this.  She will sell scrip at the back to school coffee on 9/20 and every Wednesday after school.  It is also always available for purchase in the office at school. 

Box Tops – Jennifer will purchase collection boxes for each classroom.  She will also send out flyers with classroom totals prior to each collection deadline.  The first deadline of the school year is 10/31.  Rewards for highest number of box tops earned to be decided – the idea of extra recess was discussed. 

The 4th grade teachers would like to take their classed on a field trip to the Portland Zoo.  They are looking for ways to help fund raise for the trip.  Various ideas were discussed, ultimate decision to be made by teachers. PTO will also consider helping with the expense at a later date. 

Jim Teece was not present, but as reported by Joleen he suggests we find ways to really honor the old Bellview building this year by weaving its history into our events.  This sentiment was agreed upon by all. 

Respectfully submitted by Joleen Nagareda

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