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Peter Pan Update

Hello All,
Things for Bellview's production of Peter Pan are in full swing. The following items are now available from either myself or by the office:
  • Final Rehearsal schedules
  • Raffle ticket info
  • Show times and ticket info
  • Pre-order info  for DVD copies of the play
Our goal is to have costumes done by the start of February. If you are unsure of your child's costume responsibilities, please contact myself or Ona Williams, our head costume planner.  Any final costume accessories, socks, shoes, hair ties, etc. need to be brought in by the March 9 Dress Rehearsal.  I hear Wal-Mart has $5-7 blousey shirts, perfect for pirate under shirts  We still need the following items:
  • 1-2 clear, or light colored inflatable beach balls
  • 2 aprons (1 dirty for Smee, 1 clean for Nana)
  • a long curly haired wig (Hook)
  • fake hands (Noodler) Halloween style that will possibly be sewn backwards onto shirt
  • top/bowler hat (father)
  • shawl to match light lavender dress (mother)
  • 1 good/bright laser pointer (flying Tink) 
We need parents to help during the shows with the green room , where we do makeup and the kids hang out when they're not on stage. We also  need  parents to help students work the "box office," tickets and seating.  We need help during all four shows; please volunteer to work one, two, or more shows. 

We are also seeking anyone with the following:
  • lighting/audio equipment
  • access to 2 "light trees," preferably with lights
  • 2 portable light boxes to use with different colored  jells
  • small microphones (omni directional) to suspend above actors heads
  • any equipment/knowledge/skills in these areas. 
Finally, make-up people are needed to meet for a make-up "practice" and to help apply make-up for each performance.

Thanks for all your support as we make our way into the final stage of this year's production of Peter Pan.

Renee Stich
Bellview Play Director/Coordinator
821-1487 (I'm horrible about email; phone me for quickest response time)

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