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Wanted: Items for Bellview's Auction For Art

Bellview Elementary will soon hold its third annual silent auction.  All proceeds from this event will be used for supporting the arts at Bellview.   

Currently, these funds help support the Artist In Residence program that enables us to hire artists to come into our school and work directly with our students.  These funds also help support Bellview's wonderful stage productions, such as the current Peter Pan and last years  Alice In Wonderland.  

With this in mind, we are requesting donations from anyone who would like to contribute to these wonderful programs.  In the past, we requested only artistic donations.  This year we would like donations of all types.   

Last year, Bellview raised almost $3,000 from this auction. 

Would you have an item of art or otherwise that you could donate to this cause?  Perhaps you would like to donate a themed basket that you have put together?  Maybe you have a business or know someone with a business that would donate an item or service for auction?   

Your contribution would directly benefit the children of Bellview Elementary and is tax deductible!  Thank you for your consideration. 

To contribute or for questions, please contact Christine Compeau at


(The deadline for donations is Friday, March 3rd

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