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Bellview PTO - Frequently Asked Questions:


What is PTO? Parent/Teacher Organization – A group of parents and teachers working together to support and enhance the quality of education for your children.


Do I have to “join”? No, you are a “member” as soon as your child is registered at Bellview School.


Are there “dues”? No, being a member of PTO is absolutely free.  We take pride in hosting many family events and rarely charge for our families to participate.  We do fund raisers regularly and we welcome your support in these endeavors.


When are the meetings?  Monthly meetings in the past have taken place in the early evenings on the second Tuesday of the month.  We are currently looking for suggestions for meeting times. 


What if I don’t have anyone to watch my kids when the meetings take place? We provide child care at most meetings and sometimes dinner, too!


Who can I contact if I want to volunteer in my child’s classroom?  Your child’s teacher.  For school wide events, you may contact anyone on the PTO Board.


How can I help if I can’t attend the meetings? Check the PTO website for current updates: The website also has info re; ongoing fundraisers; such as Scrip, Box Tops, Goodsearch, etc. Your continuous support with all of these things makes a big difference!  Please be sure we have your Email address.  We regularly send Emails w/reminders about events, requests for volunteers, and other news.


What type of events does PTO hold? In the past the PTO has organized: Jog-a-thon, Halloween Carnival, Movie Night, Family dinner & Game night, School Dance, Art Night, Talent Show, Holiday Love Boxes, Cookie Dough Fund raiser, Spring Track, end of year lunch and teacher/staff appreciation weeks.  We are always looking for new ideas!


Where does the PTO get their general funds?  All funds are raised through direct donations, fundraising events, and the collection of Box Tops, sale of spirit items, and sale of scrip, use of your Albertson’s card, Boosters, and Goodsearch.


What is the General Fund money used for? Monies raised for PTO go towards teacher discretionary accounts (see attached), curriculum requests, art and supply needs, special family events, technology needs, bus funds for field trips, library requests, purchase of new educational equipment, playground and general school improvement, donations for students in need, staff appreciation, and more!


Do you accept direct donations?  YES, a direct donation is the best kind because 100% of the donation goes to the PTO General Fund and is tax deductable.


Do you have Bellview School T-Shirts? Sure do, along with many other Spirit items. All proceeds from your purchase go directly to our PTO General Fund.  Contact Tara Weinberg for more info:





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