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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PTO Minutes


Bellview PTO

Meeting Date:              Tuesday May 18, 2010

Meeting Location:        Bellview Conference Room


1. Call to Order: 6:37


2. Minutes:  Review of April meeting minutes and approved.


3. Officersí Reports:


a.      Presidentís Report: Tony thanked all of the members for making this year such a success. Open positions for next year are 2 more secretaries, 1 Vice-President, Yearbook, Spirit, Boosters and possibly Scrip.


b. Treasurerís Report: Jennifer reported on the current financial status. We currently have $5,858.50 for short term projects, $836.93 for the Sunshine Fund, and $10,043.14 for a long term project.


            c. Upcoming Events :


Yearbooks: Currently 124 yearbooks have been pre-ordered. Michelle will include another form in the Growler this week and the form will also be emailed to the PTO distribution list. Discussion on taking orders at registration in the fall might be a good idea and possibly using Lifetouch to make the process easier for finding a yearbook coordinator.


Field Day:  The staff has decided on all of the booths, Tony has reserved the jump house and will work on getting it donated. It was voted on and approved that due to the short amount of time, lunch will be a bring your own picnic or you can buy a lunch from the cafeteria to take outside.  Parents/siblings will need to pre-order their lunch(similar to Thanksgiving)



4. Committee Reports


a.                  Grant Writing: Linda Gerschler attended a grant writing workshop and is currently working with the school district and parks and rec. for a grant for 2 new backstops for the fields.  Linda has requested to set up a meeting to discuss priorities for funding to aid her research.  She will also need a matching commitment for any grant she applies for.


b.                  Scrip update: Debbie is working on ideas to make Scrip available during the summer and is looking at doing a survey to find out what would help people to buy scrip. The request to have the most popular available in the office was made.


c.                   Art night: Big success and attended by many first timers. Cold Stone was a huge hit and we made $115 from them.  Next time they will bring more help or request help from the PTO.


d.                  Certified Staff Appreciation:  All went well and was appreciated.



5. Unfinished Business


a.      Discussion of projects to be funded: It was voted on and approved to budget/spend $1500 for a drinking fountain, $100 for a pair of soccer nets, $750 towards wall photos in the hallway of kids project, $80 for small resin tables for Connie, $700 for Battle of the Books, and $2400 toward the backstop project. All of which is out of the short term funds.



6. New Business:


a.      Board position nominations/elections: It was voted on and approved to elect Tony Retiz as President, Valerie Stein-Retiz as Treasurer, Talja Rodriguez as 1 of the secretary positions and Lindsay Gates as the teacher representative. The search will continue to fill the other 2 secretary positions and a Vice President spot, and be voted on at the September meeting.


7. Next Meeting: September


8. Adjournment : 8:20


Submitted by: Jennifer Ferreira

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