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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PTO Minutes


Bellview PTO

Meeting Date:              Tuesday February 16, 2010

Meeting Location:        Bellview Conference Room


1. Call to Order: 6:35


2. Minutes:  Review of January meeting minutes and approved.


3. Officers’ Reports


            a. Treasurer’s Report: The budget seems to be in good shape. Some spending will be taking place soon for projects that have been voted on and approved.


            b. Upcoming Events :


                        Bellview Benefit Auction:  March 6, Leanne gave an overview of the planning progress, advised on some of the bigger donors, and requested help for painting of art boards on Friday the 19th. This year a catalog of donated items will be available for preview before the auction and a power point program will be added to the event.  Raffle tickets go on sale the 25th of February.


                        Staff Luncheon- March 12th.  The room parents are organizing this event with an Italian theme.


                        Art Night: April 30. Cold Stone Creamery has been confirmed for the event. This year will also include easy art projects to take home.



4. Committee Reports


a.                  Scrip: Two new contests are starting. One you can earn raffle tickets for buying Scrip, the winner earns scrip for a local grocery store.  The other is a family scrip poem, the winner receives dinner on the town. 


b.                  Movie Night: Tony reported approximately 100 people attended including volunteers.


c.                   Sunshine Fund guidelines: Diane will bring these to the March meeting.



5. Unfinished Business


a.      Bylaw update/ Vote: We will vote on accepting the Bylaw changes at the March meeting.  They will be posted for review on the PTO website.


b.      Project Funding update: The project priority to be funded is the track upgrade, cameras for teachers and then the garden. The track will be started soon by the Meyers family (Mt. View Paving). We may have a donor for the cameras from Samsung and the Annen family, then PTO will not need to purchase them.  We need to wait till after the auction for a decision as to where the money for the Garden is coming from.  It will either be left over from not purchasing cameras, extra from the Benefit or we will need to borrow from the long term funds.  The deadline for the Garden funds is March 15th.


6.New Business:


a.      Donation to Haiti: It was unanimously voted on to not send a donation to Haiti and keep the funds local.


7. Principals Report: Principal Zundel reported on the success of the Spanish classes, Math intervention classes, supported by Title I money, traffic issues, new playground equipment and support. She also included an update from the Site Council which included the results of the school survey and a transition to AMS meeting for 5th grade parents.


8. Next Meeting: March 16th


9. Adjournment : 7:30


Submitted by: Jennifer Ferreira

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