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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PTO Minutes


Bellview PTO

Meeting Date:              Tuesday January 12, 2010

Meeting Location:        Bellview Conference Room


1. Call to Order: 6:30


2. Minutes:  Review of November  meeting minutes and approved.


3. Officers’ Reports


a. President’s Report: Tony reported that the board had decided to split any extra funds above  the approved budget in a 60% to long term projects and 40% to short term project manner.


            b. Treasurer’s Report: An updated budget was presented that showed estimated available funds for short term projects as $3,586.45, Long term $6,148.20 and Sunshine fund  as $512.35 on a projected income and expenses budget.


A presentation and discussion followed about the request for $1000 to be donated to the “Bellview Garden” project. Other project ideas were suggested, Temporary fix for track, cameras for classrooms, extra field trip money, workshops for parents, funding of Spanish classes, Need for a new or move the reader board and a defibrillator. A vote was taken and the top three preferences for short term funding in order, are the track, cameras and the garden project. The long term project is a hard surface for the track.


            c. Upcoming Events :


                        Movie Night: January 22nd, Amanda reported things were coming together with the equipment needed.  She needs about 10 volunteers for the evening.  A flyer will go home as part of the Growler.


                        Bellview Benefit Auction:  March 6, Leanne gave an overview of the planning progress and requested help for contacting donors.


                        Art Night: April 30 was decided for the date of Art night.  The art boards are needing to be repainted.



4. Committee Reports


a.                  Book Fair: The Book Fair was a success, teachers have been given an allowance to purchase books and their orders are do by Friday the 15th.


b.                  Sunshine Fund guidelines: Ideas of traditional Sunshine funds and what has been done in the past were discussed.  Diane will draw up guidelines for the Sunshine fund to be approved at the February meeting.


c.                  Scrip: Debbie reported the contest made approximately $2600 after expenses with 2 classes earning pizza parties and 8 classrooms having 100% participation and earning movies days. She is putting together Valentines packages and new contests.




5. The remaining agenda items were tabled till the next meeting for a lack of time.


6. Next Meeting:

February 16th


7. Adjournment : 8:45


Submitted by: Jennifer Ferreira

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